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Hardtner Medical Center began from the efforts of the citizens of the Olla, Tullos and Urania areas. These citizens saw a need for a modern hospital to serve the area and formed the Hospital Service District #1 of the Parish of LaSalle, State of Louisiana located in Ward 2 of said Parish. The petition to create the district was presented to the Policy Jury on May 3, 1966. The hospital was built in 1969.

Medical Services

Emergency room services are available on a 24-hour per day, seven-day per week basis. Call 318-495-3131

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Hardtner Medical Clinic

Est. 2011

After more than 7 years of planning the vision that the Board of Commissioners had of Hardtner Medical Clinic
will become a reality. Stepping into a beautiful roomy waiting area you will find seating for over 120 people.

Suite A

Suite A on your left are the practices of Dr. Brian Smith and Family Nurse Practitioner Mary Benjamin. Dr. Vik Nijjar, Board Certified Cardiologist began seeing patients in Suite A in August, 2013. In October, 2013 Dr. Robert Fontane, Board Certified Urologist began seeing patients. In March, 2014 Drs. Webb, Wold, & Guillory begin seeing ENT patients.

Suite B

Suite B on your right are the practices of Dr. Kenneth Mauterer and Family Nurse Practitioner Jennifer Byrd.

Suite C

Suite C houses general surgeon Dr. Jeb Butler, orthopedist Dr. William D. Crenshaw, Dr. Terry Texada, Dr. Ricky Hendrix, and Family Nurse Practitioner Jorie Sanford will also be in Suite C.


Suite D houses the practices of Dr. Maria Saucier, Podiatrist. Recently added to the Hardtner Family Practice Clinic is Dr. Jennifer Jones, PMHNP-BC who provides mental health services in an outpatient setting, Dr. Deann Floyed, LCSW who provides counseling services, Dr. Ariel O. Antezana and Dr. Hildalgo.


Suite E has been completed in September, 2013 and houses Dr. Tariq Ahmed, Board Certified Pediatrician and Crystal Meridith, PA-C. Dr. Ahmed and Mrs. Meridith joined Hardtner in 2012 and has been practicing in LaSalle Parish for over 14 years.

Hardtner Family Clinic

Est. 2014


Hardtner Family Clinic was established to expand services to our community. A first for HMC is chiropractic care. Dr. Tony Fenoli and massage therapist, Sadie Toler provide chiropractic and therapeutic services.

HFC Suite B

Suite B will house Board Certified Nurse Practitioner Dr. Laura Cummings Griffin. Dr. Griffin has been practicing in neighboring Caldwell Parish for several years and has joined the quality medical team at Hardtner. Dr. Griffin is also a certified foot care nurse and treats patients with diabetic foot needs.

Caring For Our Community, Caring For You

EXCEPTIONAL CARE, CLOSE TO HOMErural health clinic olla lasalle louisiana

Hardtner Medical Clinic can handle most of your healthcare needs. Fully staffed with doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, and clerical professionals, Hardtner Medical Clinic is dedicated to providing you top-notch customer services that are a rare find. Appointment times are given as quickly as possible and kept as prompt as possible. We realize that your time is just as valuable as ours and we respect that. We also realize customer satisfaction is what keeps you coming back. Dedicated
to a recurring quality improvement process, we seek your comments via satisfaction surveys and feedback to assist in making our services even better.

Services Provided:

Ear, Nose & Throat
General Surgery
Geriatric care
Mental Health
Primary and preventive care
Women's Health

rural health clinic olla lasalle louisianaDr. Brian Smith
Dr. Kenneth Mauterer
Dr. Brian Smith
Mary Benjamin, FNP
Jorie Sanford, FNP
Jennifer Byrd, FNP
Dr. Jeb Butler, General Surgeon
Dr. Tariq Ahmed
Crystal Meredith, PA-C
Dr. Robert Fontane, Urology
Dr. Vik Nijjar, Cardiology
Dr. Maria Saucier, Podiatry
Dr. Renick P. Webb, Sr., ENT
Dr. Paul Guillory, ENT
Dr. Christian Wold, ENT

Hours of Operation
6:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday to Friday

1049 North Pine Road, Olla, LA (Hardtner Medical Clinic)
1136 North Pine Road, Olla, LA (Hardtner Family Clinic)