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Hardtner Medical Center began from the efforts of the citizens of the Olla, Tullos and Urania areas. These citizens saw a need for a modern hospital to serve the area and formed the Hospital Service District #1 of the Parish of LaSalle, State of Louisiana located in Ward 2 of said Parish. The petition to create the district was presented to the Policy Jury on May 3, 1966. The hospital was built in 1969.

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Emergency room services are available on a 24-hour per day, seven-day per week basis. Call 318-495-3131

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A message from the CEO

Welcome to our new web-site! We are pleased with your interest in our hospital.

Healthcare is on the forefront of everyone's mind; it's in the media, it's in the political environment, at work, it's a topic for discussion in many places. We know that the experts are predicting shortages in many areas that causes concern for all of us. Due to the aging baby boomers and the increasing life span, there will be more citizens requiring healthcare in the next 20 years than ever before. To compound the issue, the number of those enrolling in medical school and related medical fields will not provide enough healthcare workers to meet the demand for these services. The pressure to reduce costs is also creating shrinking reimbursements to those providing care making it less attractive for students to choose this profession, especially with the number of years and the extreme costs of education required.

Hardtner Medical Center has a great medical team in place to provide for your care. We have not only added primary care givers but have also added specialists. By building a solid foundation of primary care physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistant, it has allowed the expansion to areas such as general surgery, orthopedic surgery, urology, otolaryngology, gynecology, ophthalmology, podiatry, dentistry, endoscopic, chiropractic, massage therapy, wound care, and other specialty services. Because of intense competition for quality providers, rural hospitals across the nation have found it difficult to recruit and retain staff. Hardtner is fortunate to have such a high quality team currently in place.

Hardtner has also concentrated on improving the quality of emergency medicine. Thanks to a superior staff of certified emergency physicians and nurses, Hardtner Emergency can provide the quick care that is needed that can make a difference in one's life. Hardtner ER has also teamed with Christus-Cabrini and world renowned Ochsner Medical Center to provide tele-stroke coverage. With a stroke team of professionals available 24/7 at Ochsner, Hardtner ER team can make quick decisions in the event of an onset of a stroke.

Hardtner Medical Center has a great team of professionals. We work hard to assure that our staff has the best education and continued training in this ever changing healthcare environment. Certifications in each professional's respective fields are encouraged and maintained by a majority of our staff. We know that longevity adds to confidence in your providers. In order to build loyalty, Hardtner has some of the best employee benefits and competitive pay offered.

Hardtner Medical Center strives to stay on the cutting edge of technology. We converted to a new health information system and began electronic health records in 2007 making us one of the first rural hospitals in the state to adopt such technology. In 2013 we have made another upgrade that provides a completely redesigned user interface adding to productivity with a platform that will allow utilization of the latest tablet and smart phone technologies. Seamless interfaces between the clinic, the physician and the hospital will give the plethora of information about the patient at the care giver's fingertips. A complete redesign of the web-site allows more interaction and information that also makes it easier for the patients to care for their health.

Added in 2014 is a PATIENT PORTAL. Part of the government mandated electronic health records initiative, patients will now have access to certain personal health information through a secure portal that can be accessed through this web-site.

Please navigate the site to learn all of the services provided. We would be honored should you choose Hardtner Medical Center to care for you and your family.

Paul G. Mathews, FHFMA CPA